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Evviva Weinraub evviva.weinraub at GMAIL.COM
Tue Oct 14 13:43:15 EDT 2014

Hi Everyone,

**Apologies for cross posting**

We are considering setting up a technology petting zoo in our learning
commons, but I'm trying to gather some information about this kind of
activity at other libraries.

If you have something like this at your institution, could you answer the
following questions for me?

Thanks in advance!  I'll happily share back with the community if there is

   - What is the name of your institution?
   - How do you choose your technologies?
   - How do you assess the technologies? Do you have information on
   how/whether these technologies are being used in a classroom environment.
   - What kind of inventory of the technologies do you have (assuming you
   circulate the materials)?
   - What kinds of technologies are you showcasing?
   - Is there student involvement in the technology selection process?  If
   so, how are they involved?
   - Are you partnered with another department within your institution or
   with a vendor?
   - If you have pictures of your spaces, could you share them as well?

Evviva Weinraub
Director, Emerging Technologies & Services
Oregon State University Libraries & Press


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