Cites & Insights 14:8 (August 2014) available

Walt Crawford waltcrawford at GMAIL.COM
Tue Jul 15 18:22:22 EDT 2014

Cites & Insights 14:8 (August 2014) is now available for downloading

The two-column print-oriented issue is 32 pages long. A single-column
6x9" version designed for online/tablet reading is also available, at (The single-column version
is 61 pages long.)

This issue includes the following:

The Front: Once More with [Big] Dealing pp. 1-2

If you read the June 2014 issue, you may be aware that "Big-Deal
Serial Purchasing: Tracking the Damage" wasn't available when I
thought it would be.

It's available now; this brief essay offers the link to the ALA Store
page for the Library Technology Reports issue and notes the
complementary book for those academic librarians with deeper

I believe every academic library should pay attention to this issue of
LTR. If your library subscribes, it should be available now
(electronically) or in a few days (in print form). If it doesn't, you
should buy the issue as a separate. Some of you really would find
Beyond the Damage: Circulation, Coverage and Staffing useful as well.

Words: Doing It Yourself pp. 2-18

Notes on self-publishing and whether or not it makes sense for you (or
for your library to assist with).

Intersections: Access and Ethics 3 pp. 18-32

A range of commentaries having to do with open access and ethics over
the past 18 months or so--and a couple of brief followups on previous
essays. (You may notice that one Very Large Journal Publisher doesn't
show up much in this essay. Its time will come.)

What's not here: the list of C&I supporters and sponsors. I'll add the
three names (yes, three) in a later issue.


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