Please suggest a webometric software or web-based program

Maryam Safari knowledge_globe at YAHOO.COM
Fri Jan 31 17:53:36 EST 2014

Hi dear all,
I want to evaluate websites using
the webometric criteria. To do this, I will use webometric software or
web-based program. Finally, this program or software will introduce for my
end users to apply.I exam some free software, but they
were not easy! I feel these softwares be impractical for end users to apply! 
Please help me and suggest a
webometric software or web-based program for the analysis and evaluation. It is simple
and provides accurate results (Either
free or paid- But free is a priority).
The criteria for evaluation are:
            -Inlink (frequencies the website is
linked by others)
            - Size (number of internal pages/links
within the website )
            -Outlink (frequencies the website
links to other websites)
            - Error checking (Internal &
External errors)

Best regards,

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Maryam Safari
MS in Medical Librarianship and Information Sciences
School of Health Management and Medical Informatics Sciences
Tabriz University of  Medical Sciences
Tabriz , Iran


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