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Taylor & Francis will be hosting a suite of informative presentations in Booth #1007 during the ALA Midwinter Conference in Philadelphia. During these interactive sessions, librarians will learn more about updates to product functionality, content models and offerings, and further understand how we are responding to the needs of librarians to offer a sustainable publishing model for our Library and Information Science journals. Library professionals who are able to attend will receive a complimentary library-themed shirt (*limited quantities available) featuring the slogan, "Silence is Golden."

Please see our presentation schedule below:

Taylor & Francis Library Packages
Saturday, January 25, & Sunday, January 26: 10:00 am
Monday, January 27: 9:30 am
This presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of the range of content offerings which Taylor & Francis offers for academic and special libraries. Find out what's new for 2014 across the Social Science & Humanities Library and the Science & Technology Library.

English Historical Documents Online
Saturday, January 25, & Sunday, January 26: 11:30 am
Attend this session to learn more about English Historical Documents Online, a digital collection of more than 5,500 indexed and fully searchable primary source documents in British history, from 500-1914, and U.S. history to 1776.

CRCnetBASES and netBASE Select
Saturday, January 25, & Sunday, January 26: 1 pm
Attendees will receive an overview of  the depth and breadth of information and subject areas available in the 12,000+ eBook titles and collections within the many CRCnetBASEs.U

South Asia Archive
Saturday, January 25, & Sunday, January 26: 2 pm
Monday, January 27: 10:30 am
Explore and learn more about the South Asia Archive, a comprehensive digital Archive which contains more than 5 million pages of rare primary and secondary sources spanning the Indian sub-continent.

Taylor & Francis Open Access
Friday, January 24: 6 pm
Saturday, January 25, & Sunday, January 26: 3 pm
Monday, January 27: 11:30 am
This presentation will take a look at Open Access incorporating: LIS author rights pilot initiative and Taylor & Francis OA membership options.

Taylor & Francis Online Mobile
Saturday, January 25 & Sunday, January 26: 4 pm
Monday, January 27: 12:30 pm
Taylor & Francis Online (TFO) Mobile facilitates knowledge on the move for academics, professors, and researchers alike. Find out how you can benefit from new features and functionality of TFO Mobile.

We hope you will be able to join us.

Kind regards,
Taylor & Francis Group
Library Marketing team
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