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SoftChalk is proud to bring you our pre-recorded webinar series on open educational resources (OER). These informative sessions will explain the different facets of OER including WHAT OER is, WHY it's important, HOW to find the resources and WHERE you can start!

The series is sponsored by SoftChalk and its partners including: College Open Textbooks, Connexions, IMS Global and MERLOT.

Defining OER: The WHAT and the WHY

What is an Open Educational Resource? Why is the OER movement growing in popularity so quickly? Why would you want to use or create OER materials? How do you license OER materials?


Finding and Using OER: The WHERE and the WHEN

Where can you find quality OERs? Where are they distributed, and where and when should you use them? Are they easy to find? What kind of standards (quality, accessibility, licensing) are relevant and why are they important?


Creating OER: The WHO and the HOW

Who is developing OERs? Who should be? How are they doing it? How can standards allow OER content interoperability? How can standards assure quality? How can you get started? How can you find the tools for creating OER content?


Funding OER: Sustainability

How do OER projects and programs get started? How are they maintained? Where are funding resources? Can OER projects work without external funding?


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