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You betcha, Lisa. JCPL Web Strategies, inline below. Tip-of-the-hat to Ryan
Hess at DePaul University from which we borrowed the "Principle of..."
construction and a few concepts.


*Jefferson County Public Library Web Strategies*

    This document is a statement of principles that inform:

   - the *content *JCPL publishes on jeffcolibrary.org
   - how the *design *of jeffcolibrary.org ensures the usability and
   accessibility of that content
   - what *experience *patrons have using jeffcolibrary.org

Content Strategy

*Principle of Publishing*

   - Publish useful content.
   - Publish content that is aware of audience and context.
   - Publish content that supports the Library’s mission,
strategicobjectives and brand.
   - Create best practices to deliver effective service to our users.

*Principle of Collaboration*

   - Publish content through collaboration with JCPL stakeholders.
   - Support collaboration with a shared set of guidelines and
   communication norms.

*Principle of Venues*

   - Provide channels to distribute dynamic and reusable content.
   - Host venues that facilitate communication and connection.
   - Create sustainable venues.

*Principle of Selection*

   - Curate content according to users’ needs.
   - Use concise action-based language.
   - Make evidence-based decisions about what we say to users and how we
   say it.

*Principle of Expertise*

   - Publish reliable content that instills confidence in library services.
   - Inform content with the expertise of staff who best know their content
   areas and their users.

Design Strategy

*Principle of Choices*

   - Keep the number of choices manageable for each page.
   - Global navigation reflects top user tasks.
   - Limit sub-menus to five items (including a “more…” link).

*Principle of Convention*

   - Follow users’ expectations in terms of placement, functionality and

*Principle of Exemplars*

   - Use icons to make actionable items visually intuitive.
   - Use visual examples to communicate what content is.
   - Use contextual images that compliment, describe or encapsulate content
   they appear alongside.

*Principle of Emphasis*

   - Make the focus of pages clear.
   - Limit the number of focal points per page.
   - Apply a consistent approach to textual emphasis.

*Principle of Front Doors*

   - Make every page, in part, a landing page.
   - Provide a unified global navigation.

*Principle of Simplicity*

   - Minimize distractions to performing user tasks.
   - Present information clearly.
   - Use white space to enhance usability.
   - Remove barriers and extra steps.

User Experience Statement

A user finishes using our website and reflects:

   - I got that done and it was pretty easy.
   - I feel confident about what I accomplished.
   - I can do that again when I need to because it just made sense.
   - I can connect with librarians and get help when I need it.
   - I found out something new about the library.
   - I will use this site again to do new things.

On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 4:12 PM, Lisa Holmberg <lisa.holmberg at gmail.com>wrote:

> Our web team is about to start writing a content strategy document for our
> library. We were wondering if anyone had a web content strategy document
> that they would be able to share with us. As a public library, we're
> particularly interested in content strategies of public libraries, but I
> think we're still learning so much that seeing any examples would be
> helpful!
> Thank you.
> Lisa
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