Cites & Insights 14:3 (Marcy 2014) available

Walt Crawford waltcrawford at GMAIL.COM
Sat Feb 1 17:09:51 EST 2014

Breaking the silence of project preparation to announce:

Cites & Insights 14:3 (March 2014) is now available for downloading at

That's a 32-page two-column PDF optimized for printing. If you're
planning to read it online or on an e-device, I suggest the 61-page
single-column 6" x 9" PDF optimized for viewing (and much smaller as a
download) at

The issue includes:

The Front: Toward 15 and 200: Your Help Wanted pp. 1-3

Cites & Insights is in its 14th year and has passed Issue 170. I'm
asking for help to encourage keeping it up to at least 15 and 200--and
offering perks for donors.

Media: Thinking about Magazines pp. 3-24

Think print magazines are disappearing--or, worse, are just
miscellaneous collections of articles? Think again. If you want a
sense of the continuing importance of print magazines, maybe four
words will suffice: World Wildlife and STAND--the new glossy print
magazines from, respectively, World Wildlife Fund and the ACLU, both
of which recognize the special power of a good magazine. This roundup
includes some numbers and some perspectives. (No, Cites & Insights
isn't a magazine; it's closer to a newsletter. And while a few
journals are also magazines--Science, for example--most journals
aren't magazines and most magazines aren't journals.)

The Back pp. 25-32

A baker's dozen of minisnarks (or, if you prefer, a dozen with
lagniappe) on sound, prices, TED, silliness and casual (or ignorant)
tech-sexism at "the newspaper of record."


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