Timer and Alert Software for Library's Computers

Aaron Waller awaller at MYMCPL.ORG
Wed Aug 20 11:09:47 EDT 2014

Jackie, we use Envisionware as well, and it works very well for session management. But this would also assume that you need to track sessions and exert absolute control over access to the computer. Plus Envisionware is expensive and somewhat complex. If all you need is a popup reminder and a shutdown task, I would simply use windows task scheduler or equivalent. Two simple tasks should get the job done.

First - The Popup:


Then a shutdown task:


Depending on how many computers you have, as well as how "locked down" they are, you may also want to explore different ways of deploying this(Group policy, scripts etc.). There are actually several different ways to accomplish the same thing.  Just be you take measures to make sure someone can't change or remove the tasks (if they can... they will...).

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