Timer and Alert Software for Library's Computers

Jacqueline Radebaugh radebaugh_jacqueline at COLUMBUSSTATE.EDU
Wed Aug 20 09:34:43 EDT 2014

Good Morning!

We are having problems with getting people off of the library's computers
at closing time.

We would like to install some kind of timer that will shut the computers
off at closing time.  We would also like to install alert software that
will warn students when the computers are about to shut down.

Do you have any suggestions of software that we can use?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Best wishes,

Jackie Radebaugh

Associate Professor of Library Science
Electronic Resources and Systems Librarian
Simon Schwob Memorial Library
Columbus State University
Columbus, GA

Phone:  706-507-8693
E-Mail:  radebaugh_jacqueline at columbusstate.edu


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