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Haitz, Lisa (haitzlm) haitzlm at UCMAIL.UC.EDU
Mon Aug 18 14:03:16 EDT 2014

At our library, we're discussing search. We have web site searches, Summon search, our Catalog search, etc...not to mention our 700+ databases.

Our patrons, and even some library staff, cant understand why there is more than one box for search.

On the other hand, we have some staff that think these searches should be distinctly different. They feel that our interface should not be dumbed-down and users should have to learn to search natively.

This article had me thinking about search in libraries, and how some of these reccomendations can easily apply to us:

What philosophy have you embraced at your institution, and what tools did you use to arrive at your philosophy?

Lisa Haitz
Web Developer
Univ of Cincinnati Libraries


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