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Build a portfolio of ideas for creating innovative green art projects
and programming.
More info and sign up at

Sign up by November 1, 2013.  Library Invoices accepted.   For more
information visit http://www.artmuseums.com/greenlibrarian.htm

Many Tweens and Teens are already green.  They have an appreciation
and sensitivity to going green.  Now you have the opportunity to offer
and share some fun and educational art projects and programming. This
4 week online workshop is taught by the author of Teens Go Green!
Tips, Techniques, Tools, and Themes for Young Adult Programming
Libraries Unlimited Dec. 2012.

Tweens and Teens Going Green Art Programming for Librarians class is
the creative spark you need to incorporate entertaining and
educational fun into your programming ideas.  What can you do with
recycled fast food containers, newspapers, old books, plastic bottles
and other throwaways?  You can easily turn them into art objects and
programming ideas.  You will learn how to develop themes which include
gardening, ocean life, and other subjects such as helping to make
others aware of endangered wildlife. This is your opportunity to
develop a portfolio of creative ideas that you can use with your tween
and teen visitors immediately.   This class is for everyone-even those
without any art background will stretch their creativity and skills by
making hands on projects with objects that they may have previously
tossed away.

Instructor Valerie Colston, M.A. is an author and art professor with
many years of experience developing and teaching art programs in
libraries in San Diego, California.  This 12 hour online workshop is
inspired by the newly released and recommended (School Librarians Feb.
2012) book published by Libraries Unlimited titled Teens Go Green!
Tips, Techniques, Tools, and Themes for Young Adult Programming
Libraries Unlimited Dec. 2012 .   Ms. Colston was an art consultant to
the Wyland Foundation Ocean Challenge program for teachers.  Her book
200 Projects to Strengthen Your Art Skills published by Barrons
Educational Series has received outstanding reviews appearing in
School Library Journal, National Art Education Association newsletter,
and more. Her It's Easy to be a Green Teen  appeared in the youth
librarian publication Voices of Youth Advocates magazine.  She has
several years experience teaching online workshops to librarians
across the U.S. and in other countries.

What did others say about the class?

I have to say, the Intergenerational Art projects really have me
interested! I think it's so important for kids to have a sense of
where they come from. It helps them later in life! I think that is
something our patrons in particular would really enjoy highlighting! I
think I'll present my ideas to my boss and the children's librarian
and see if we can have a celebration for that.

I also have to say, I've really appreciated the many links shared in
these last 4 weeks. I have many more bookmarks!

                                                           I was
particularly impressed with the African culture and their ability to
recycle plastic to create unique works of art. The cultural
information, the links and suggested crafts could be used during Black
History Month or to celebrate Martin Luther King Day.

                                                            I loved
all of the Fashion Show ideas.
 I would love to do the one where you provide materials like wrapping
paper, etc and let them just create! Then we could do a fashion show
with what they created.

                                                         The list of
things teens like programming to be about is very helpful. It gives me
a starting point when thinking about what I'd like to do with tweens.
I also really like the bobbleheads.

12 hour online workshop.   Access website at any time.  Fee-$59.00
Illustrated Lecture, Discussion Board Topics, and Class Assignments.
 Sign up at
contact: art259 at hotmail.com


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