Cites & Insights 13:11 (November 2013) available

Walt Crawford waltcrawford at GMAIL.COM
Tue Oct 1 11:05:03 EDT 2013

The November 2013 Cites & Insights (13:11) is now available for
downloading at

The issue is 36 pages long. The "online version," designed for reading
online or on a tablet or large-screen ereader, is 69 pages long.

This issue includes:

The Front: Erehwon Community Library: A $4 to $1 Example   pp. 1-4

An example of what a library could derive from $4 to $1: Public
Library Benefits and Budgets, using a mythical "median library" that's
the average of the two public libraries with precisely median service
population. (This essay is very similar to a September 27, 2013 post
at Walt at Random, except that the post misspells the library name.)

Words: The Ebook Marketplace  pp. 4-30

It's been a while since I've looked at a range of ebook-related
issues. This roundup covers up to four years--and it's really Part 1
(of at least two and maybe three or four parts). It includes items
related to ebook devices, competition, collusion, DRM, stupidity,
ebooks going beyond narrative text, "what's a book?" and miscellany.
(Part 2 will include sales, pricing, software, history and future--and
probably lots more.)

The Back  pp. 30-36

Sixteen mostly-snarky little essays on a range of topics--including
one that's really not snarky: What if a stereo magazine had three
successive reviews of three different speaker systems, found all of
them excellent--and the three were priced (per pair) at $106,800,
$29,800 and $159.99 respectively? (Yes, that's a decimal point in the
third price.) Oh, and what if the second and third were designed by
the same designer--who added his signature to the nameplate of the
$159.99 version?


Reverting to form

For the last few issues, announcements didn't link directly to the
PDF(s). Instead, announcements linked to the C&I home page, which now
has the "Pay What You Wish" section just above the current issue table
of contents and links.

I was hoping this speed bump--adding one click to the process of
getting to the issue--would encourage a few more people to contribute.

I think it worked. A little bit. For a while. But it's now one day shy
of three months since there's been a donation. So, at least for now,
I'm reverting to the direct links.

Of course, I'd still very much appreciate donations. Of course,
donations would still encourage me to keep going with C&I. Oh, and
it's still the case that donating $50 or more will get you a PDF
version of Your Library Is... if you want it.


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