Sharepoint books?

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I can recommend you Microsoft MOC books / training material (MOC =
Microsoft Official Curriculum) - you can buy either the books or get the
course material on e.g., ebay. Maybe the free SharePoint Foundation is
sufficient enough for your needs



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> I am looking for books on Sharepoint that are not about setting up the
> sharepoint server but about creating content such setting up a website.  I
> am experimenting with sharepoint to possibly replace or at least supplement
> our current intranet site.  I have a blog going for news that is working
> well.  Our sharepoint is behind the USAF firewalls and is essentially a
> intranet.  Any suggestions?  I have created a webparts page but do not see
> how to get it to act more like a regular webpage.  When I click on the page
> to display it, it shows all of the web part names. I do not want that.
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