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Willman, Eric G Willman at UTHSCSA.EDU
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We utilize Shibboleth with Ezproxy and it has worked really well for all of our facility, staff, and students. Unlike typical Shibboleth installations that require to install a SP server on campus, it is built into the EZproxy installation. Here is a link for more information

To integrate Shibboleth into your online course management system you would need to build a SP server, and determine if your institution has and IDP server to transfer data back and forth. Let me know if you need any more information on Shibboleth


Eric Willman
Head of Library Technology
UT Health Science Center San Antonio

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Subject: [WEB4LIB] Campus User Authentication System

Hi, colleague,

I am looking for a campus user authentication service (something like NetID) which centrally manage users' access to various campus web services. For example, I want to integrate web services like online course management system (Moodle), library databases (Ezporxy), library online catalog (KOHA), and others.

Our campus provides LDAPS. I am not clear, however, how I can build up a single web interface which comprehensively manage all user access to those different services.

I am looking for a simple, intuitive, and secure method to accomplish this. I will appreciate if you recommend any product, service, companies, and your personal experiences.



Seong-heon Lee, M.L.I.S., M.DIV.
Director of Educational Technology and Librarian
Trinity Lutheran College |<>
425.249.4715 office


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