Cites & Insights June 2013 (13:6) now available

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Wed May 1 12:17:21 EDT 2013

The June 2013 *Cites & Insights* (13:6) is now available for downloading

The issue is available as a 42-page print-oriented two-column PDF or an
81-page single-column 6x9" online-oriented PDF.

You might think of this as a side-effect issue, as both pieces grow out of
work done for the Open Access preconference I did at the Washington/Oregon
Library Associations joint conference last week:
The Front: The Big Deal and the Damage Done: Available Now (pg.1)

*The Big Deal and the Damage Done* ($9.99 PDF ebook <>, $16.50
paperback <>) is a study of U.S. academic library spending
between 2000 and 2010 for current serials, books (and all other
acquisitions), and everything else--showing the effects of Big Deals and
other constantly-rising serials prices. It looks at libraries by size, by
sector and by Carnegie classification. The damage done? Primarily to the
humanities and other fields that depend on monographs, to the ability of
libraries to maintain the record of human creativity--and to library
flexibility to do anything *except* write checks for current serials. (20%
off through May 2, 2012, using code SILEO at checkout.)

Intersections: Hot Times for Open Access (pp. 1-42)

Mid-December 2012 through March 2013 has had a *lot *going on with
OA--enough that I abandoned my plan to ignore OA for the rest of 2013
(after devoting most of the January and February 2013 issues to the topic).

This roundup looks at current issues in defining the terms, CC BY, the Gold
and the Green, problems, OA in general, specific recent developments, the
White House actions, OA in the humanities and social sciences, direct
actions and libraries.


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