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Wed May 1 11:10:49 EDT 2013

Current Cites is a monthly current awareness newsletter for information
professionals that seeks to cite, with a one-paragraph review, the best of
the information technology literature. We have published continuously since
August 1990.

We are now looking for additional contributors. As a contributor, you would
be expected to contribute one or more citations every month or so. We
understand that other obligations or vacations may intervene, but you will
be expected to contribute on a regular basis to remain part of the team.

Citations should be brief but informative, be evaluative and insightful in
nature, and -- if possible -- exhibit wit and humor. The point is to
provide enough of the meat of a given article or book so that they may
either gain enough from that alone or be intrigued to read the entire piece.

Citations are contributed by filling out a web form, which is then
reflected back in an email to the entire Cites team, mostly to prevent
duplicates. Cites are due each month near the end of the month and the
issue is published without fail by the last day of the month. In particular
months (e.g., December), and at the discretion of the editor, the cites
deadline might occur earlier in the month than usual.

For examples see . To apply, please send an email
to me describing why you think you should be selected to join the team.
Roy Tennant
Founder and Editor, Current Cites


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