Python Android Ipad GPS and Maps

Jorge Biquez jbiquez at ICSMX.COM
Fri Jun 21 16:30:26 EDT 2013

Hello all.

I was wondering if you can share your comments on the following.

At job we are interested in developing the core routines that let us 
use Tablets (Mainly Android but Ipads are considered also) for the 
visualization of maps created with Google maps to follow tendencies 
in general robbery, crimes, safe areas, areas where people need help and more.

In first instance we decided that our maps have to be able to receive 
coordinates, not the already located address that Google maps can 
locate easily but coordinates generated with a GPS device. An example 
could be that on a mountain a group of persons follow a route and 
when they found something bad or that has to be some action taken 
will push a button to mark the place . The actual devices already can 
send  an SMS message or an email to any place we want with the 
information of the location point and will push every minute the 
information to create the route the person with the device follows. 
So in paper all the process we want works for sure . Now the nice 
part, what tools to use.

1) Is anyone using Python for developing Android applications in general?

2) Where to start? Do we have to subscribe and get a Google ID as 
developers to use their API's and what Google offers to be able to 
use those tools with Python?

3) Do you already use Python for developing and creating maps with 
Google on the desktop side? If so. It is not so complicated, I mean, 
it is better to use Python instead of some other programming 
languages? Some of the IT guys have told us that Python is not the 
language to use but I believe it is the correct tool for this . I am 
not sure what would be my tools yet but as a programming language I 
think is ideal for the task. I believe it is just a matter of where 
to start, what do you need for tools, framework of development, etc.

4) Can you share links of where to start studying about Google 
development with Python (besides the Google website) any forum like 
this or online you recommend? Training material, free if possible?

5) Are you developing application for Ipad using Python?

6) Any forum you specially recommend for developers on the above subjects?

I am sorry if some of the questions sound stupid.

Thanks in advance for all your time and comments.

Jorge Biquez


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