Cites & Insights 13:7 (July 2013) available

Walt Crawford waltcrawford at GMAIL.COM
Sat Jun 1 12:47:28 EDT 2013

Cites & Insights 13:7 (July 2013) is now available for downloading at

The regular PDF version (two columns, 8.5x11", designed for print) is 26 pages.

The "online version" (also PDF, one column, 6x9", designed and
optimized for online reading) is 52 pages.

Note that this is another case where the online version will offer a
better display of one article (the first one) because of graphs.

The issue includes:
The Big Deal and the Damage Done pp. 1-6

If you're in an academic library, you need to be aware of this study,
now available in three versions: A regular PDF (no DRM) for $9.99, a
paperback for $16.50 and, especially suitable for library schools and
any library wishing to make it broadly available, a campus license PDF
version for $40 that explicitly allows mounting the book on a campus
ebook or other server that allows multiple simultaneous access or
downloading by authorized students and other users.

This article includes Chapter 1 of the book and a segment of the
concluding chapter. It includes eight graphs that will be easier to
read in the one-column version, although they're all entirely readable
in the two-column version.

Technology pp. 6-10

A dozen little essays about a dozen specific technologies.

The CD-ROM Project pp. 10-16

Moving toward the finish line: Possibly the last installment in this
series, mostly a set of disappointments with two bright spots.

50 Movie Comedy Kings, Part 2 pp. 16-21

More old movies and more examples of the extent to which comedy flicks
are context-sensitive.

The Back

More miscellaneous snarkiness and sometimes-pointed mini-essays.


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