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While I will continue my own efforts, I have decided to focus my investigation primarily on Student Library Advocacy activities by the libraries of the Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA) , as well the ISU Peer 11 institutions .

I am requesting your assistance in identifying  all candidates for my _Student Library Advocacy_ blog that is "devoted to documenting initiatives in which students are directly or indirectly involved in promoting library collections, events, services, etc. to fellow students, as well as to faculty, and/or staff."

It is located at


In addition to ISU, the GWLA  llibraries are:

  *   Arizona State University
  *   Baylor University Libraries
  *   Brigham Young University
  *   Colorado State University
  *   Iowa State University
  *   Kansas State University
  *   Oklahoma State University
  *   Oregon State University
  *   Rice University
  *   Southern Illinois University
  *   Southern Methodist University
  *   Texas A&M University
  *   Texas Tech University
  *   University of Arizona
  *   University of Arkansas
  *   University of Colorado at Boulder
  *   University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
  *   University of Houston
  *   University of Illinois at Chicago
  *   University of Kansas
  *   University of Missouri
  *   University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  *   University of New Mexico
  *   University of Oklahoma
  *   University of Oregon
  *   University of Southern California
  *   University of Texas at Austin
  *   University of Utah
  *   University of Washington
  *   University of Wyoming
  *   Utah State University
  *   Washington State University
  *   Washington University in St. Louis

I have created a new SurveyMonkey survey and request assistance in identifying appropriate items for each:

GWLA Insitutions

> Institution
> Web Address / Summary Text

> Conference(s)
> Seminar(s)
> Other


> Article(s)
> Paper(s)
> Presentation(s)
> Other

Please copy and paste the name and web address for each entry, if available.

NOTE: ALL Submissions are Anonymous

Thanks For Your Assistance !

The survey is available at:


DiISCLAIMER: This is an independent survey and is not associated directly with the GWLA organization.



Gerry McKiernan
Associate Professor
Science and Technology Librarian
Iowa State University
152 Parks Library
Ames IA 50011



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