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Thanks for sharing.

We are going to be one of the first subdomains, though others are planned
as part of some overall website changes.

Until I read the responses, I was unaware that a direct link to the library
had been taken off our college's home page.  That is a recent change, and
not a welcome one.  I think that having it hidden in the "Quick Links"
section makes it less accessible, and I will certainly initiate a
discussion on this.

I just tried to find some research on this issue, and had a little trouble
finding what I needed. Found tons of articles on library webpages and the
links on them, but less on library links on the college home pages.  If
anyone can point me to some studies of library link placement on college
and university homepages and their effect on usage, that would be really

I had not thought about the "McLibrary" connotation... which seems really
obvious now that you pointed it out!

Thanks for the responses.


On Sun, Aug 4, 2013 at 4:21 PM, Richard Wiggins
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> This is something that institutions of all sizes wrestle with, as they
> have ever since the Web era began.  When do you use subdomains?  When do
> you use a "folder" - virtual or real - anchored off the main site?  When do
> you create a new domain?  Disney screwed this up with their "go"
> subdomains.  CBS uses instead of
> But you folks appear to have it simple.  From a glance it appears that the
> major entry points at are - About,
> Admissions, Academics.  What's wrong with ?  Seems
> clean and simple.
> I do believe in generous redirects based on log analysis.  I just tried
> and it failed to give the obvious redirect.
> Frankly, making your main link because of a
> previous choice of a proxy server strikes me as an unfortunate choice,
> though understandable based on history.  But is your library branded in any
> way as "mclibrary" ?  Not a good brand.
> I'd worry more about why a search from the home page
> doesn't bring up your library at the top of the hit list, and why the
> library is not more prominently featured on the home page.
> Just 2 cents' worth from far away.  Good luck!
> /rich
> On Sun, Aug 4, 2013 at 10:20 AM, Stacy Pober <stacy.pober at>wrote:
>> As part of our web redesign, we are being given the opportunity to have
>> our own subdomain in the college's website.
>> The most logical name would be "library" but that one is already being
>> used for our EZproxy server, and it would be most onerous to change over
>> 100,000 EZproxy links in our catalog, libguides, etc.
>> We've thought about some alternative subdomain names such as lib or
>> mclibrary.  Anyone have some library subdomain naming wisdom they'd like to
>> share?
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