The _Open Librarian_ Google Group Launched

McKiernan, Gerard [LIB] gerrymck at IASTATE.EDU
Tue Apr 2 21:01:19 EDT 2013

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The _Open Librarian_  Google Group was established on April 1 2013 > No Joke [:-)]

It is a companion to the _Open Librarian_ blog located at

[   ]

It is intended to serve as a forum to discuss identification, organization, and promotion of  a variety of general and specific resources as a _corpus_ that include:

* Institutional and subject repositories.
* Open Access eTheses and Dissertations
* Open Access databases
* Open Access publications and publishing
* Open Data Sets
* Open Educational Resources

One can subscribe via

[ ]


Gerry McKiernan
Associate Professor
Science and Technology Librarian
Iowa State University Library
152 Parks Library
Ames IA 50011


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