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I am interested in any / all initiatives by academic and research libraries that have a Open Resources Librarian (ORL).

While growing number of libraries have a Scholarly Communications Librarian and a Digital Repository Librarian, it appears that from a Google search, none have an"Open Resources Librarian" [?]

As I envision the position, the Open Resources Librarian would a broader mission that would identify, organize, and promote a variety of general and specific resources as a corpus:

* Institutional and subject repositories.
* Open Access eTheses and Dissertations
* Open Access databases
* Open Access publications and publishing
* Open Data Sets
* Open Educational Resources

Note: The overall intent is to organize any/all Open Resources by subject /topic (not only by type) and to create a universal community resource.

At each institution the ORL would focus on the ORs most relevant to the local community.

I envision that the Open Resources Librarian would be responsible for preparing guides, and offering seminars and workshops, among other promotional efforts.

The ORLs could present at various professional conferences and meetings to inform their colleagues. Indeed, I envision each professional association having an ad hoc or formal group devoted to relevant ORs.

Of course, the ORLs would have their own association and conferences [:-)]

In particular, ORLs could focus on identifying ORs relevant to MOOCs offered by local faculty.

I have created a blog titled _Open Librarian_ that is located at

and will be populating it with key relevant items as they are identified; Candidate resources are always welcome.

Your thoughts ?



Gerry McKiernan
Associate Professor
Science and Technology Librarian
Iowa State University
152 Parks Library
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