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Pathways To Best Practice Guides > m-library Community Support Project

Throughout the project, we’ve been collecting existing online resources via social bookmarking services, and gathering evidence of what works and what doesn’t in various different areas of mobile technologies in libraries. In order to share this information, we’ve brought together a series of documents under the umbrella of Pathways To Best Practice.

Rather than focus on specific technologies, the guides focus on benefits for the library and present different ways to utilise mobile technologies to help achieve that benefit. Each one contains its state of maturity, an overview of options, some examples of projects, lessons learned from work so far, key contacts within the area, and additional resources and links.

Though the main focus of our research has been the UK Education sector (as the project is JISC-funded), they also include examples from other libraries and information centres and many of the lessons learned will be applicable to other sectors.

Full list of the Pathways To Best Practice guides:

  1.  Introducing users to the library
  2.  Helping on-site users – roving support
  3.  Helping users within the library – guides and signage
  4.  Providing access to resources via mobile devices
  5.  Developing a mobile strategy for the library
  6.  Managing borrower accounts
  7.  Bibliographic management
  8.  Loaning mobile devices
  9.  Supporting learning, teaching and research
  10. Collection management

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