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At Marist College, Librarian Elizabeth Clarke has created two Libguides
that list and organize freely available serials.   These guides are
available for use by the wider academic community.  We hope you will find
them to be useful.  Elizabeth  actively maintains the lists, updating them
as links change and new material becomes available.  Please share any
questions or comments with Ms. Clarke.
Historical African American Newspapers Available Online (

“This guide provides a list of historical African American Newspapers
available online as part of digitization projects at libraries and
historical societies as well as digitization projects done by Google.  The
content is available for free, though it is at the discretion of the
institution providing the content. The newspapers contained within guide
are those that have ceased to operate or are currently running papers with
archives available.  It does not include papers that are currently running
and only offer access to the most recent articles.”

” These newspapers provide an interesting view of history and aid in
research in the field of African American history.  They are a valuable
resource that can be found in different institutions throughout the United
States and this guide brings them all together in one place to aid students
and teachers of history.”

Nineteenth Century Periodicals  (

“This guide provides a list of 19th century periodicals available online.
These periodicals have been digitized by outside institutions and made
available to the general public by these institutions.  Their continued
availability is at the discretion of the digitizing institutions.

Many of these periodicals ran before and after the 19th century, but for
this project, we only catalogued those dates that fell within the 19th
century.  Also some of the missing dates may become available in the future
and these links will be updated as they become available.

The periodicals have been categorized by date, place of publication and
subject.  The subject categories were chosen to reflect major areas of
publication, but not all can be accounted for. In some cases, they are
categorized by the audience they catered to.  For example, children's
magazines are grouped together.  In the case of women, a little more
liberty was taken in their organization; publications on that page are
those published for a female audience, contain women's writing, and discuss
women's issues.  If you feel that a periodical is in the wrong category or
needs to be added to a subject category, please let us know.

This is by no means a complete listing of all periodicals that were
published in the 19th century, but a sampling that will be updated as more
are found. If you know of any periodicals that are available or you would
like to see, please let us know. We will add them or do our best to find


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