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Conclusions - For Now

This iPaper offers a brief review of what we know about mobility and learning in the digital age. Any conclusions drawn must be subject to review, revision and change, for the subject itself is evolving and changing rapidly.

>From what we’ve explored, one can draw several conclusions:

  *   Ubiquitous mobile technology in the form of personal, portable, powerful information portals is changing all aspects of life - especially learning.
  *   We need to revisit and rethink what we know and how we approach education and learning in the digital age.
  *   Mobile learning technology lends itself to learner-centered education where the student is an active partner in creating and sharing knowledge.
  *   Digital literacy is a more meaningful approach to defining the needs of learners.
  *   Mobile learners are characterized by how they use technology, not by their age, where or who they are.
  *   While mobility enables learning in more places at different times, the important of place remains crucial to the context of learning.
  *   We need to think about learning spaces as more than just physical places but as ecologies of different types that support a wide variety of learning.
  *   Facility support is important to enable mobile learning.
  *   The promise of mobility and learning in the digital age is untethered, radical flexibility where activities, tools, technologies and spaces combine to support multiple modes of learning, interaction and activities.
  *   We continue to learn as mobile learning evolves.

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