The Library in your Living Room

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The library is already in my living room.  It is on my laptop, my nook
color tablet, and my droid smart phone.  I am not in any hurry to have
it on my TV especially since I am on satellite for both TV and Internet.
If we ever get real broadband where I live, that will change the
equation.  I would then think about using a real computer, not a game
machine, as our entertainment center.

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For those of us who have been working in Second Life, this interface
will be a welcome addition. I don't expect people to sift through text
on their televisions. Immersive environments are so much more
interesting and they take advantage of everything your high deft tv
screen has to offer. I expect we'll see virtual worlds catch on - if not
Second Life, then something very similar where you can create your own
content (as opposed to a world like Warcraft where the game developers
create content.)


Pat Rapp 


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