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Michael Schofield mschofield at NOVA.EDU
Tue Oct 23 09:22:47 EDT 2012

Morning everyone,


Our library has a large second-floor gallery and we're lucky enough to be
able to host some really neat exhibits-sometimes art, sometimes
historical-and I'm starting to think it would be cool to have a
supplementary web component. We've a lot of distance users who likely won't
cross the state to duck in, but if they're curious they might click through.
I say supplementary because I don't want to volunteer to curate a standalone
exhibit, but I'm thinking in terms of browsing or accessing further
information about a specific [artifact] in the exhibit.


What I want to do is essentially jury-rig reveal.js (an HTML Slide Deck
[http://lab.hakim.se/reveal-js/]) to . I don't know yet, that's why I'm
approaching the hive : ). You've been to museums that link QR Codes to
audio-clips. What features do you appreciate in such a component? I'm also
curious about what features would be really cool if you could pull them off.


Some of my ideas:


1.       Doctor revealJS because it is a feature-rich, swipe-friendly HTML
deck that works just as well on phones as on desktops. Additionally, I'm
only interested in working with the web - nothing native.

2.       QR Codes [although I kind of hate them . ] in the exhibit link to
specific pages with further reading and an audio description.

3.       Option to auto-scroll through slides / stream all the audio as a
walkthrough [e.g., a podcast].

4.       One thought is that instead of a specific exhibit, you could use it
as a self-guided tour of your building, potentially tied-in with Google Maps
Interior / etc.


Just brainstorming. I plan to do something locally, but if anyone is
interested in collaborating on additional museum/library/tour-oriented
features for RevealJS, perhaps we can make a public fork on github and go to
town. Let me know.


Michael Schofield(@nova.edu) | Web Services Librarian | (954) 262-4536

Alvin Sherman Library, Research, and Information Technology Center


Hi! Hit me up any time, but I'd really appreciate it if you report broken
links, bugs, your meeting minutes, or request an awesome web app over on the
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