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David Whelan davidpwhelan at GMAIL.COM
Mon Oct 15 12:39:47 EDT 2012

I like the suggestions for Wordpress, although out of the box it won't do
some of the things you're looking for.  It would work well for both
intranet/Web (and consider Wordpress Multisite, which is built-in, for
managing more than one Wordpress site at once).  The plugins seem limitless
and would answer for forms, polls, voting, etc.  You could also develop
your own, which is a huge plus for the application.  I'm not sure it
handles content aging in the way you're describing and I'm not aware of a
plugin that would help you to flag content for review after X months or
whatever.  Plugins can also help with content reuse and shortcodes are
available (and can be created) to support that.   I also don't think it's
great on version control, but it's not a feature I've dug into so perhaps
there is more to it.  I use the Wordpress Jetpack plugin for some analytics
but mostly use an external analytics tool.

Plone is another (free to acquire) open source CMS that is weaker on the
plug-in side but provides more of the version control and management tools
you might want.  It also has functionality you can add for discussions,
polls, etc, and could be implemented in more than one instance.  If you've
already got Python expertise and not PHP, this might be a better option
than Wordpress or Drupal.  Also, I think it handles multi-lingual sites
better than Wordpress.  It can be tricky to retheme but there's a large
community of folks developing for it and supporting it.  Like Wordpress &
Drupal, there are 3d party consultants implementing it.

Good luck!  David.

> On Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 6:24 PM, Anna Wheeler <awheeler at>wrote:
>>>>  Hi
>>>> Just a quick question. We are helping our institution  find a new
>>>> Content Management System CMS to manage both their website and intranet.
>>>> Currently they use Shado
>>>> What CMS do you think are worth considering?
>>>> They would like to use system for intranet and website
>>>> and it will have ability to integrate discussion forums, polls,
>>>> feedback forums - with voting eg like uservoice
>>>> and it will have some kind of alerting or reporting system to remind us
>>>> to update information and manage distributed publishers
>>>> good analytics, reporting, content re-use, version control etc
>>>> Any light shed would be appreciated
>>>> many thanks
>>>> Anna
>>>>  Anna Wheeler, LLB, DipLibr
>>>> Manager, Electronic Library Services
>>>> Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand
>>>> email: awheeler at
>>>> ph:    +64 9 8154321 ext 8601
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