A/V Now Available > Accessing Academic Content via Mobile Devices: Issues, Solutions and Future Developments

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A/V Now Available > Accessing Academic Content via Mobile Devices: Issues, Solutions and Future Developments

October 5 2012 / ~ 60 Minutes

This free webinar, organised by the STM Library Relations group in collaboration with the Copyright Clearance Centre (CCC) has been designed to:

> Shed light on the way mobile technology is currently being used in the academic library environment to access academic content, especially peer-reviewed scientific research

> Examine ways in which the experience of such mobile use within an institutional environment might be both enhanced and simplified

> Look at what further developments are on the horizon, what advantages each development might bring to publishers, libraries, and end users, what the key stakeholders should do to ensure they are prepared for them, and which ones are most likely to gain the necessary traction to become new standard elements of mobile content access functionality

The webinar will be of interest to:

>Librarians who are keen to discover how issues they may be facing might be addressed and to learn what developments are round the corner in this area

> Publishers who want to confirm how best they can serve the academic library market with mobile technology and what technological developments may assist their so doing in the future.


Ruth Jenkins
Ruth Jenkins has been University Librarian at Loughborough University since 2009, and is a member of the JISC Collections Electronic Information Resources Working Group. She has previously held posts at the Universities of Nottingham, Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool. As a smartphone user for nearly a decade, Ruth has a particular enthusiasm for making electronic journals, ebooks and other internet-based information resources accessible via mobile devices.

Marty Picco
Mr. Picco is passionate about extending the Atypon platform into the mobile world. He brings deep technical understanding of digital media,cloud-computing, and mobile applications to the digital publishing world after spending many years creating and deploying innovative video processing and streaming solutions for major TV operators worldwide.

Baker Evans
Baker Evans has worked in multi-national education, publishing and information services organization for more than 15 years, most recently with Elsevier's Science & Technology Division since 2008. Baker helped form the strategic vision of Elsevier's on-line portfolios of search and discovery and performance and planning solutions known as SciVerse and SciVal respectively. As an extension to the portfolio strategies, Baker and his team led the development of the mobile channel strategy targeting Academic and Government users, including a mix of application, devices and mobile website offerings to create greater access to customers' content collections.

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