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Ellen -

Check out my project, Engaged Readers, at

the only online reading program for public libraries with fully-integrated social networking features. Encourage readers not just to record their reading but to interact with their peers to find new books they might enjoy. Includes a staff admin interface for stats gathering. Oh, and it's free for 85% of public libraries and very affordable for the rest (see the website for price info). The service can be accessed via smartphone and should be optimized for small screens by summer.

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  Good Afternoon -

  Slightly off topic.  We are ramping up our teen summer reading program and I'd like to transition from traditional paper reading logs (which inevitably get lost) to an online log, preferably one that can be accessed from a smart phone.  Has any other library done this?  Does anyone have any suggestions how we might implement this?  I'd love to do something that teens could log into from anywhere but that the library could access as well to gather statistics at the end of the summer.  Perhaps the solution is something like LibraryThing or Good Reads but I wanted to crowd source just to make sure someone doesn't have a great idea that I'm missing.

  Thanks so much for any assistance.

  Best Wishes,

  Ellen Paul

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