Tools to generate access statistics for subscribed online databases

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It depends on how you are getting your data from these different providers. Usually you can request a COUNTER report that you can then load into a system like: 

EBSCO Usage Consolidation: 
Serial Soulutions Counter 360 
Swets:Scholarly Stats: 

I am not sure about using EZ Proxy. If all of your traffic goes through EZ Proxy then perhaps you can use the EZ proxy log to gather statistics. 


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Dear colleagues, 

My University wants to start tracking the access made by users - staff, researchers, teachers and students - to all subscribed abstract and fulltext online databases. 
In this way, I am asking for tips on tools (software) to keep them in a log/database, which allow us to generate access reports later (eg: monthly), showing, mainly, how many times each resource is being accessed on each period of time. If it also can allow us to know what resource is accessed by each category, it would be better. 
EZ Proxy can be a valid choice to meet this demand? 

Thanks in advance for your help. 



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