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William and all,

I think this is becoming more commonplace--supplanting "traditional" titles
with more tech-themed ones--and is a natural evolution as new user needs
and service opportunities develop. Very, very few libraries actually have
the resources to support the types of online environments we're shooting to
build, maintain, and sustain to stay relevant in our users' eyes, and it's
natural to shift positions and titles like this. Heck, my own career is a
product of it; three jobs ago, I was Reference/Head of Instruction.
Now=sysadmin for web. This isn't to say that public services roles are less
important; we just need to provide the full infrastructure for our online
selves. :)


Nina McHale, MA/MSLS
Facebook & Twitter: @ninermac

On Fri, Jul 6, 2012 at 12:00 PM, William Stein <guillermost2003 at>wrote:

> Thanks everyone for responding to our request for input on a job title for
> our newly created position. Oddly enough we are phasing out a "traditional"
> job title (Adult Service Librarian) to be replaced by this newly minted
> "Information Services" position. We have a candidate fresh out of library
> school who is currently working as a part-time Reference Librarian waiting
> to be elevated to her new job (as soon as we figure out what that will be).
> Once again, our thanks.
> Will Stein, Reference Librarian
> Washington County Public Library
> Abingdon, Va.
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