[Web4lib] List Transition

Roy Tennant tennantr at oclc.org
Wed Oct 26 15:52:27 EDT 2011

Dear Web4Lib Subscribers,
I am writing to let you know that soon this list will be transitioned from
WebJunction to the University of Notre Dame. In doing this we will need to
shutdown the list for a period of time (hopefully only a matter of an hour
or so) before starting it up again.

In this transition we will also be moving from Mailman list management
software to LISTSERV []. Unfortunately this means any settings you have
created will be lost. However, I'm hopeful that you will find the LISTSERV
software easy to use to recreate the settings you wish to have. When you
first connect to http://listserv.nd.edu/ you will need to create a password,
but once having done that, and after confirming it, you will be able to
login and manage your account.

I am also using this as an opportunity to establish a domain for this list,
<http://web4lib.org/> which will soon be your one-stop location to find
information about the list and pointers to the archive, etc. Only the list
itself, and it's future archives, will be hosted by Notre Dame. I will be
hosting the hub web site for the list, including the legacy archives.
However, that site is not yet fully configured, so don't rely on it yet.

This will be happening in the next week or so, and you should largely be
unaware of it until you receive a message from the lists new location that
we are now live at Notre Dame.

Please bear with me as we make this transition. If you run into any problems
let me know.

In closing, I want to thank the WebJunction staff for hosting the list for a
number of years. I can¹t remember when I moved it there from UC Berkeley,
but it was well before I joined OCLC four and a half years ago. We¹ve done
well at OCLC, but the opportunity to move to the LISTSERV platform where
Code4Lib is hosted proved too hard to resist. Eric Morgan at Notre Dame has
been very helpful. Thanks,
Roy Tennant
Web4Lib Owner

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