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I've used WINK before to do a series of screencasting tutorials on using
EBSCO databases.  Previous to using WINK I had never done anything like
this before.  It was very easy to pick up.  Best of all, it was free.

Ellen Paul

On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 10:06 AM, Wilhelmina Randtke <randtke at>wrote:

> As a corollary to the discussion on promo videos, maybe the list can help
> me out with this one...
> I would like to do a screencasting series.  I don't have Captivate and am
> unlikely to be able to get it, or other software for a fee, partly because
> I want to record the screen on one computer, then later on I want to record
> shots on another computer which has different software installed.
> What are recommendations for good quality screencasting software without a
> licensing fee?  Specifically, I want to record a video of my screen with
> audio from an attached microphone, and I want the resulting video to be
> smooth, not choppy.
> -Wilhelmina Randtke
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> 2011-11-15

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