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Shorthand Points of Reference:
Countries/Areas Worldwide

In the continuing process of upgrades,
the following are noted as important:

(1)  OneSource Comprehensive Directory Index
has instructions for use of country - nation area
index A to Z at: Ancestor Roots Information.
This reference has been updated completely.

Evaluation format for sample country is duplicated
for every other world country.   Every national site
in the world, with information related to their civil
records, culture, genealogy, libraries, museums,
printed - country family history outlines, country
studies groups, individual identity information,
indigenous peoples, etc., is now online here.*
The horizontal use of internal links combines
all major area data sources together without
the necessity to vertically return back to the
top of the pages for connective research.
. . .
FIFTH LINK goes to Map from World Atlas;
Etc., with famous natives, fast facts, flags,
land statistics, landforms, latitude - longitude,
links, maps, symbols, time, timeline, travel
information and weather; as presented.

EIGHTH LINK SUB SET goes to Culture
of [Italy Country Insight]; Italy taken from:
globalEDGE| Country Insights by globalEDGE
Business Knowledge; (or else, the [Country /
Geographical Location] is taken from a carefully
selected country / geographical location resource.)
This is the followed by the Topic Outline of Area
from Wikipedia®, in combination with listing of
higher education studies sites, libraries, depositories,
or other related country culture links, as shown: . . .

(2) Reference and Homework Help
Provides under Reference Help
* Credo Reference: Credo Reference
  Smart research starts here.  Easy access
  to trusted content from over 70 of the world's
  leading academic publishers.
  - Citable Information At Your Fingertips
    - Start Research With Topic Pages: Examples
  - Credo Reference: Blog
    Free access to Credo available
    through any subscribing library.

(3) Regional Genealogy and Local History Research
Presents direct access to country links at IndexY
(Yahoo!); or, where available, country GlobalTower
Resource Directory, giving full access to Britannica
Online Encyclopedia references.

(4) Schools - Colleges - Universities
Immediately lists Universities, with links to websites
of Ministries of Education and other national agencies
or institutions responsible for education in each individual
country, where available via UNESCO.  Countries by
population can be individually compared with Zip (BYU),
or Genealogy Links: Education in Selected Country -
Directory: Information & Search.

Respectfully yours,

V. Chris & Tom Tinney, Sr.

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