[Web4lib] Problems w/NetLibrary > EBSCOhost changeover?

Pruntel,Alison Alison.Pruntel at fauquiercounty.gov
Thu Jul 28 10:01:16 EDT 2011

Anyone out there having the issue with library patrons being unable to set up an account or even log in to their account (if we create them onsite) if they are trying to access from home/remotely? Just as we did with NetLibrary, we have a referral URL and authentication w/our IP range. With NetLibrary, as long as they created their account either w/in the IP range or via access through our referral URL, they could then log in with their NL username/password at netlibrary.com. My understanding was that this would be the same with EBSCOhost.

Unfortunately, since Friday, when NL switched to EBSCOhost, you cannot access your account from outside the IP range (or the referral URL), get an "application level exception" service-level error. Even if we create the account for them and can sign in/access from within the IP range, when the patron tries from home with the same EBSCHOhost username/password, they get the error.

We have tickets in to EBSCOhost and I am told that it's a service level issue/high priority, that we're not the only ones. I have gone through our admin settings numerous times with their tech support to make sure that I haven't set anything wrong and they assure me there isn't anything wrong on our end. However, being that it's now been almost a week with it broken/basically unusable, and no progress seemingly on the EBSCO side, I am starting to question myself.



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