[Web4lib] Organization looking for an information architect or taxonomist

Amy Rogers amy at arosheaf.com
Thu Jul 21 15:58:01 EDT 2011

Posting for an organization looking for help from an information architect/taxonomist. Please contact the organizers directly. Feel free to forward to other appropriate lists. Thank you. -Amy

Verified Voting, a non-partisan nonprofit whose mission is Safeguarding Elections in the Digital Age, seeks guidance for a digital archive/library of information we will post online. The content ties to our work on voting and technology -- the equipment on which we cast and count votes, and related procedures. Our websites have become cluttered, with a lot of good material that is now hard to find when we need it (mainly Verifiedvoting.org, Verifiedvotingfoundation.org; we also have the newer blog.verifiedvoting.org and thevotingnews.com). We plan an overhaul of our main sites, and as part of this project, to develop an easy-to-use digital library of documents on our subject matter.  We understand there is a science/art to the process of tagging that which needs to go into such an archive, but need guidance from an information architect/taxonomist? Contact Pamela Smith, President (pam at verifiedvoting.org) and Warren Stewart (warren at verifiedvoting.org).

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