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I hope I'm not repeating myself here, but my late 2012 book from ALA
Editions (working title "Successful Social Networking in Public Libraries")
will reflect a sweep of the 5,958 public libraries/reporting agencies in 38
states, noting the existence (and findability) of Twitter accounts and
Facebook pages and, for those found, the number of likes, followers,
following, tweets, presence of feedback (comments and post likes), and
apparent frequency based on the five most recent updates or tweets. (For
2,406 libraries in 25 states, I'll have *absolute* tweet frequency based on
comparing total numbers over a four-month period.)

Since New Jersey is one of the 38 states surveyed, Bloomfield is, to be
sure, part of the study.

Walt Crawford

On Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 8:42 AM, Lisa Cohn <lcohn at bplnj.org> wrote:

> I collect statistics on my library's Facebook and Twitter accounts, and I
> also use stats from my time in Second Life at the Virtual Librarya there,
> although that is mostly volunteer.
> For Twitter, I check the number of followers as well as the number of
> reTweets and @ mentions. You can gain more followers if you follow others.
> On Twitter, it's polite to follow people who have followed you.  So, I
> followed a lot of local news sources and politicians.  When they follow us
> in return, that's also an excellent avenue for publicity.
> Facebook is a little annoying as they keep changing their "insights".  I
> count the number who like the page (fans), as well as the Check-ins (people
> who checked in at the library physically through their smart phones).  That
> number will be higher in reality, as some have turned the GPS tracker off
> on their phones (like I did).  I also count the number of interactions
> (likes and comments) as that shows buy-in.
> In Second Life, I count the number of avatars who visited my virtual
> display.
> For people who don't have the time or inclination to update all these
> sites frequently enought to get buy-in from the public, there are ways to
> streamline it.  I hooked the library's Twitter account and facebook account
> together.  If I post in Facebook, it automatically goes to Twitter as
> well.  I also put a Twitter widget on the library's website, so Tweets are
> automatically posted on the home page.  Three postings and I only did it
> once in Facebook.  Time saver.
> Lisa
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> *From*: "Nieves Gonzalez" <nievesglez at US.ES>
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> Hi all,
> Do you know if any library is collecting data from their social networks and
> social sites on a regular basis? I refer to data such as number of posts
> in blogs, Twitter followers, Facebook comments, etc.
> I would like to establish some kind of metrics in order to define some
> quality indicators.
> I'm librarian and teacher in Seville, Spain.
> Thanks a lot.
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> Nieves González Fernández-Villavicencio
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> On Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 04:13, Kim Lehn <rajunask1 at owls.southernct.edu>wrote:
>> Hi Michael,
>> The public library that I frequently use has a Facebook and a Twitter
>> account.  It
>> has almost 500 people who "Like" them on Facebook, and about 80 followers
>> on
>> Twitter.  It is interesting to me that they post different information on
>> both.  The
>> Facebook account has fewer updates and usually posts about upcoming
>> events.
>> Other than the library posts, there is very little activity on the
>> account. The
>> Twitter account is updated almost daily, letting followers know about
>> upcoming
>> events.  If there is no event to post about they share other tidbits of
>> information
>> about the library.
>> I am guessing that they are managed by two different people.  Personally
>> I think
>> they should update on Facebook more because there are way more followers.
>>  I
>> also don't think that it is a waste of time, it is just one more way to
>> reach out to
>> patrons.  To me it is easier to learn about library events through the
>> news-feeds
>> rather than visiting the library websites.
>> Kim Lehn
>> MLS Student
>>  Southern Connecticut State University
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