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Hi Michael,
Our system uses both Twitter & Facebook with each branch allowed to have an account only if they are willing to devote time to managing it. Interaction varies from branch to branch & our patrons do interact with us, especially with our "main<https://www.facebook.com/tulsalibrary>" Facebook account. Basically, you get out of it what you put into it. If the pages are simply placeholders that will periodically receive updates & infrequently, if ever, have near real-time interaction with patrons, then they will give the pages the same amount of attention.  If you develop a social media strategy, even if it's as simple as a weekly post (e.g. we tweet the first line of a YA book every Friday with a link to the book, calling it #1stLineFriday), it should encourage your patrons to take notice & participate.

Tim Spindle
Tulsa City-County Library
From: Murphy, Michael P. [mailto:murphym34 at OWLS.SOUTHERNCT.EDU]
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Subject: Web 2.0 Experiences

Greetings Web4,

I was curious as to your thoughts on libraries employing web 2.0 technologies, such as Facebook or Twitter? Does your library use these services, and if so, do your patrons respond? Personally, my library uses these services but part of me feels like they are a waste of time, as the patrons don't really respond to them and they just cause extra work for the librarians. What are your feelings?

Thanks in advance,

Michael Murphy

Southern Connecticut State University


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