[Web4lib] XSL / XSLT training or tutorials?

Bret Parker Bret.Parker at ci.stockton.ca.us
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I also endorse the same book. I also used XSLT 2.0 Programmer's Reference, 3rd ed by Michael Kay (Wrox, 2004). There is now a 4th ed (Wrox, 2008).
That combined with the XSLT electronic discussion group were a great help. 
Neither was a crash course. 

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>>> Thomas Krichel <krichel at openlib.org> 4/7/2011 7:46 AM >>>

  Caitlin Nelson writes

> Can anyone make a recommendation as to XSL or XSLT training, online
> tutorials, or other educational opportunities?  We have staff here who would
> love to do an in-person class or webinar, but the few resources we've found
> so far seem rather expensive (e.g. $1000+ for a 2-day online webinar).
> We've tried a few of the online tutorials (e.g. w3schools), but they don't
> get as in-depth as we need for our materials.

  I learned XSLT 1.0 from an older medium known as a book. "XSLT
  Programmer's Reference 2nd Edition" is its title, by Michael
  H. Kay. It is now cheap because it is an old book. It's a very good
  book if you are familiar with XML to start with. Still it took
  my a few weeks to get into XSLT, even though, or maybe because, 
  I am good at learning procedural languages. 


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