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Mark Kille mkille at naropa.edu
Sat Sep 25 18:08:16 EDT 2010

Hello all,

We turned to Bywater (http://bywatersolutions.com/) for our migration to Koha and ongoing hosted ILS service. We have been very happy with them. Our conversations with LibLime and PTFS, pre-merger-talks, were far less pleasant. I ended up not considering them options, open source or no open source.

Hope this one data point helps or at least is interesting.

Mark Kille

Mark Kille
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Naropa University
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  Nicole Engard writes

> You probably think I'm biased, but I love it (which is why I got the
> job I have now).  I have used 3 ILSes in my life as a librarian and
> Koha was the only one I taught myself to use and have written the
> manual for it.

  But you have to get the one http://koha-community.org.  Don't buy
  the one vended by LibLime/PTFS. I read some time ago that most of
  their customers are not happy. I think that was in a tech source
  report from Marshall.

  If you run Debian, there are packages for koha that make
  the installation a breeze.


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