[Web4lib] Strategic Information Arrangement CE Course at Simmons in November

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Fri Sep 24 01:36:59 EDT 2010

Strategic Information Arrangement: Theory and Techniques  takes an 
entertaining look at the arrangement strategies you need to display  information, 
whether in taxonomy, classification, or structured lists.   Understanding 
these strategies helps you build ordered arrangements that  persuade users. Lack 
of understanding can inadvertently send users in the  opposite direction.   
Simmons College offers this four week online course in  November with 
trailblazing taxonomist, Katherine Bertolucci.  Special  guests include 
Katherine's client Snoopy and the Rolling Stones.  We’ll  take a virtual journey to 
Nevada’s Burning Man art festival to review name  arrangement on their annual 
Memorial Temples, including 2002’s Temple of Joy,  seen in the IsisInBlog 
post about the course  (www.isisinblog.typepad.com)    
In  the fourth week, we look at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the 
Memorial to  the Missing of the Somme from World War I, each with very different 
arrangement  strategies to meet the same goals.  Arrangement strategies of 
memorials  found by members of the May class are featured in Katherine’s blog 
post, Names  on a Memorial:  Into the Earth (Memorials Discovered by the 
Strategic  Arrangement Class)(www.isisinblog.typepad.com, May 31, 2010)  
The  course includes an optional arrangement assignment to be critiqued by 
Katherine,  the only organizational expert focusing on persuasive strategies 
for information  arrangement.  See her Arranging to  Persuade series on 
persuasive technology tools at IsisInBlog and Discover the  Region 
Fee:  $250 for the four week online course (Simmons  GSLIS Alumni price 
More  information at IsisInBlog (www.isisinblog.typepad.com) 
Photo Credit:  The Temple of Joy at Night by Jim Hammer  and Burning Man. 
More photos by Jim Hammer at  http://www.flickr.com/photos/mrscience  

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