[Web4lib] phpscheduleit - does not work in IE?

Douglas Goans libdgg at langate.gsu.edu
Wed Sep 8 13:06:09 EDT 2010

Just a follow up. Three people responded. Two reported no problems. One reports IE is slower.

One other facet that may be related to the problem is McAfee antivirus. On the phpscheduleit forum there has been some reports of IE to behave slowly with phpscheduleit and the presence of antivirus products like McAfee.



Here is one possible solution (we haven't tried it yet though).


>>> "Douglas Goans" <libdgg at langate.gsu.edu> 8/30/2010 3:56 PM >>>

If you use phpscheduleit for your room reservation system could you email me (or the list) to confirm that it does or does not work with the Internet Explorer browser at your location?

We are noticing that it is VERY slow or hangs completely on Internet Explorer (I belive we have tested on IE7 and IE8) and are trying to troubleshoot.

It works fine with Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. Safari is slow but doesn't appear to be as unresponsive as IE.

Thank you for any info you may provide.

Here is the product:

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