[Web4lib] "Above the Fold" Celebrates Second Anniversary

Roy Tennant tennantr at oclc.org
Fri Sep 3 17:18:35 EDT 2010

Above the Fold Celebrates Second Anniversary
It¹s been two years since we launched Above the Fold
htm> , our free weekly current awareness newsletter, and we¹re pleased to
see that its number of subscribers is still steadily increasing each week.
Above the Fold is prepared by OCLC Research in partnership with IBIS
Communications and serves a broad international readership from libraries,
archives and museums.
If you¹re an Above the Fold subscriber, you know that each week we pull
together articles that relate to the work of the RLG Partnership and the
information context in which we're all operating‹but that you might not see
in the course of your regular awareness routines‹to bring attention items of
interest from beyond your normal reading sphere. Each issue includes article
citations with short annotations explaining why we think the articles may be
of interest to you. And each note is attributed to the staff member whose
thoughts on the issue and its relevance can be tapped.
Those of you who are regular readers of our blog hangingtogether.org
<http://www.hangingtogether.org/>  may sometimes see reactions to Above the
Fold citations crop up there, as well. Join the conversation and share your
thoughts, too. 
If you¹re not currently reading Above the Fold, we encourage you to check it
out.  We know how busy you are. We know how hard it is to keep up let alone
look beyond the usual horizon. That¹s why we think Above the Fold can help
you look farther more often with less work.
We invite you to subscribe directly
<http://www.oclc.org/email/subscribe_abovethefold.htm>  to receive each
issue in your e-mail box weekly, sign up to receive it via RSS feed
>  or read past issues online
htm> . And feel free to share these links with others who you think may be
interested in reading Above the Fold, as well. If you have any questions,
please get in touch <mailto:rlg at oclc.org> .

OCLC Research

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