[Web4lib] jQuery autocomplete question

Brian Egan brian.egan at unlv.edu
Wed May 26 13:37:46 EDT 2010

Hi Robert,

I dug around the autocomplete plugin for a few seconds (it's one I have 
experience with) and found that you're doing exactly the right thing by 
setting the matchContains option to true (although it is set to true by 
default). In fact, the problem isn't with the autocomplete plugin at all!

It's actually you're Cold Fusion script. If you visit this link:


Which is the server-side script returning results to the autocomplete 
plugin, using the example term you were having trouble with, you'll 
notice that it is only returning results with "Applied" at the 
beginning. If you can fix up the CF script so it returns all the results 
you're looking for, the autocomplete plugin should work just fine.

All the best,
Brian Egan

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