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Lori Bell lbell927 at yahoo.com
Wed May 26 07:49:25 EDT 2010

 TAP Information Services Announce 
Trendy Topics 2010: The Future of Libraries

TAP Information Services is pleased to announce the fifth in a dynamic monthly series of online workshops librarians can enjoy right at their desktops on hot topics. The latest conference on "The Future of Libraries" is scheduled for Tuesday June 8 Stephen Abram of Gale Cengage is the keynote speaker. Abram will speak on "Future Ready." What is the new NORMAL and what are customer expectations? New customer expectations are being driven by the new ecology of the web and big players like Facebook, Bing, Hulu,YouTube, Amazon, Google, and more. Is your library ready? Abram will talk about experience strategy, community conversations and relationships and more in this exciting keynote.

An exciting new component to this online conference is a Pecha Kucha on "Are you Future
Ready?" Moderated by Alison Miller and Joe Murphy, speakers for the day will wrap up the
day with an exciting online Pecha Kucha event which may be among the first of its kind. Pecha
Kuchas are based on the 20x20 concept - each speaker will use 20 slides/images of their
choosing that will advanced every 20 seconds, giving exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds
to address the topic from their unique expert perspective. 

Other speakers for this day-long conference include: 
Sarah Houghton-Jan, "The Future of Libraries and Technology: The Phoenix Rising
from the Ashes"
Joe Murphy, "Check in at the Future of Libraries"
Matt Gullett, "The Present Moment of the Future: What Does the Future
Really Mean to Most of Us"
David Lankes, "You Are the Future" 

Register at http://www.eventbee.com/view/trendytopics/event?eid=65537
The flyer for the conference can be found at http://www.planetlibrary.info/T2/T2FutureSchedule.pdf

Registration for librarians for the one day conference is $40; for students $30; and for groups $100.
For more information on these workshops please contact Lori Bell at ALS, lbell927 at gmail.com or Tom Peters at TAP Information Services at tpeters at tapinformation.com.

TAP Information Services (www.tapinformation.com) helps organizations innovate. 


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