[Web4lib] Windows 7 and Public Computers

Derrick Tennant emrikol at gmail.com
Thu May 20 10:27:05 EDT 2010


Since we are all happy that Microsoft and Windows 7 have finally dropped
support for that raggedy SteadyState software that nobody liked, what is
everyone using in it's place?

We've been spoiled by not having to pay for DeepFreeze or any of it's
companions, so I'm wanting to try and stick with a free (as in beer)

I tried for days to get local mandatory profiles (Our public computers
aren't on a domain) working for me in 7, but I failed every time one way or

The only idea I've had so far is to zip up the c:\users\[public profile]
directory, with security and permissions, and to unzip it via login and
startup scripts.  In _my_ testing, this seems to have worked to stop most of
the changes, but not always everything.  I've got a few machines I just
installed for the public that I'm waiting to see how bad they get mangled
after a week or two.

Other than staying with XP/Vista, what is everyone else doing to secure
their Windows 7 public computers?


Derrick Tennant
Linton Public Library/Bloomfield-Eastern Greene County Public Library

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