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Kozlowski,Brendon bkozlowski at sals.edu
Wed Mar 31 10:31:11 EDT 2010

Hi Kern,
When my boss was looking, I suggested he do a Google Shopping search, and either a browse or search on Pricewatch.com; it now seems to be our defacto pattern when searching to buy. Using both sites in tandem has allowed us to find very good deals on our USB sticks. When we started selling, we offered 512MB, then 1GB. The typical size we offer now is 2GB, but due to fluctuations in cost and sales, we have sometimes thought of offering 4GB sticks. Prices are typically anywhere between $7-12 each depending on shipping and handling. Ironically, we often have better prices than our local Walmart.
Pricewatch found 2GB Memorex $7.98 (before S&H/tax)
Google found 2GB Kingston $6.35 (before S&H -- search term "2GB USB")
I hope this helps.
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Hi Everyone,

We're looking to purchase USB sticks to sell to patrons at cost.  I
think small capacity would be fine.  Does anyone have experience with
this?  What size(s) do you purchase/offer?  Where to you buy from?  What
do you charge?



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