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I can't speak to Joomla, but there are three general approaches to
integrating CMSs like Drupal with ILSs:

1) Use the ILS APIs (or backdoor APIs) to send data back and forth
between the systems. The CMS acts like a presentation layer.

2) Import everything from the ILS into the CMS so that the CMS becomes the OPAC.

3) Tie CMS nodes to ILS records to enable the CMS to extend the ILS.

SOPAC is middleware that sits between the ILS and the CMS, and it is
in a class of its own. It combines aspects of all three approaches.


On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 3:04 AM, Jorge Serrano Cobos
<jorgeserrano at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi there:
> Something hard to see is a deep integration between CMS and ILS. Hardly we
> can see some "branding" integration, using similar templates, but normally
> you click on "catalog" and you go off the library site templates, even to a
> different domain.
> And of course, I can´t find any integration between features created with
> CMS and the ILS contents, for instance integration between "events" like
> "interview with X author" and "works by X author from our catalog", or
> "library physical map" and catalog, etc. Any?
> We would love to find a client willing to deeply integrate Joomla / Drupal
> and ILS, like Koha.
> Do you want to innovate? Talk with us! ;-)
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> On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 6:55 PM, Duncan, James <Duncan_J at cde.state.co.us>wrote:
>> An earlier post about Joomla made me remember a report I saw last
>> spring, comparing key CMSs. Here's a blog post on the topic from
>> techsoup: http://blog.techsoup.org/node/759 which then features the link
>> to the full report.
>> You might also consider an option of a managed solution, like Plinkit,
>> which runs on top of Plone. For more information about organizations
>> that may provide Plinkit services for your area, see
>> http://www.plinkit.org/ Note the Plinkit partners list, which gives some
>> indication for coverage...
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