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We are in the final stages of building our library website using Joomla. It's not "live" yet so unfortunately I can't share at this time, but I can let you know when it's up (probably in the next month or so). 

Joomla is easy to work with once you get the hang of working with Sections and Categories, and there are tons of extensions available (free and commercial) that are easy to install and manipulate. The Joomla forum is also a great place to find help. 

The only drawback we have found is the lack of a built-in access control system. In our library we have many people responsible for building different parts of our website, and we need a way to partition everything so that individuals only have access to the parts of the website they are responsible for. There are access control extensions available to handle this, but they do cost. However, the next version of Joomla (1.6) which is currently available in Alpha does have an access control system. 

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I posted this on collib-l and was suggest to ask this list.

Do any of your libraries use Joomla for developing the library's website? I'm just learning about Joomla and wanted to see examples of library sites running on it.

Any caveats on Joomla that you're aware of?


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